“There is no time more well spent than cooking healthy food for people that you love.”

Chelsie has studied over 100 different dietary theories and consciousness for the better part of her adult life. She also has weathered experiences which have taught her on a visceral level the importance of focusing on the macro rather than the micro when creating a life rooted in long term health.

“To truly understand health-full eating one must look at it in the context of relationship. How do you interact with it? How does it interact with you? What works for me may not work for you and what works for you today may very well not work for you tomorrow. Set the intention of how you wish to feel, make choices that align with that and then pay attention.”

When designing food, the principles Chelsie pulls from are the following: 


It begins with a love affair with good-for-you-foods. Eating well can be sexy, sassy & fun and whether it be through integrative cooking classes, food served in her restaurants or recipes she creates, she aims to teach others to experience just that.

Plants are at the center of most plates she makes, however, dairy, eggs and even sustainably sourced proteins find their way into her cooking. Abundant herbs, all the spices, fusions between cuisines and upgraded renditions of favorite food memories. What you won’t find is anything synthetic, hydrogenated oils, refined flours or sugars, artificial food dyes and other weird things aren’t meant for consumption. To put it simply, it’s real food, prepared mindfully, by someone who cares.

Chelsie is the founder of One Life Daily Market, opening soon in Winter Park, FL. A restaurant, market & meal subscription in one – designed to support you in living your fullest life. Restaurant coming Spring 2023 however meal subscription available now. Join the salad club to have healthy food delivered directly to your door.


“When you eat beautiful foods, you feel beautiful.”



    • Every single person can benefit from eating more plants.
    • Every single person can benefit from eating more whole foods.
    • The single most important thing we can do for our children’s long-term health is teach them to fall in love with good for your foods.
    • There is no time more well spent than holding space, centered around great food, with people that you love.
    • When you eat beautiful foods, you feel beautiful.
    • Chew your food. If you don’t have time to stop and fill your cup, reevaluate your priorities. Running hard doesn’t always get you to where you want to go.
    • Have fun. With what you eat, how you eat it & who you eat it with. When you bring a sense of leela (play) into your life, everything gets a little lighter.
    • Soften hard edges, but don’t lose your roots.
    • Eat the rainbow. All of it. The whole dang thing.
    • It’s easy to eat healthy, when it tastes great.