A little over two years ago I made the excruciating decision to close my restaurants. I was in a marriage I needed to get out of but entangled in business, life & being a new mom – I just didn’t know how without blowing up my entire life.

Turns out – that’s exactly what I needed to do.

By the time I closed my restaurants I was a single mom of an 18 month old navigating an excruciating divorce, living between my car & a friend’s couch with my baby and three dogs. Oh, and all in the face of a global pandemic. I’ve navigated a lot of hard things in my life but 2020 was a show stopper.

Anybody who has experienced something of this nature knows that you go into survival mode. You drop everything except that which matters most and for me that was my child. My most important job was keeping him above water, keeping him safe, and everything else from there I could figure out. I leaned hard into big friendship, practiced receiving, and learned a lot of big lessons, in really hard ways. I didn’t know it at the time, but ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.

The thing about being shattered is that piece by piece you get to put yourself back together. The pieces you love and want to illuminate you can put in a priority place. The scars, stories & trauma you’ve been holding on to will probably weasel their way back in but you see them for what they are and you can place them where they inform your future self, but no longer drive your life from a place of fear.

The life I’m living today is NOT the life I would have dreamt up for myself. It’s still very much in the making (and there are certainly good days and bad days), but I dare to say it’s way freakin’ better. The start of living a beautiful life, is first believing you are worthy of something beautiful.

The last few years I spent a lot of time doing work for other people’s dreams and while I love the freedom it gave me in my personal life, I also feel like I was put on this planet to contribute something that added value to the lives of others and knew I could be doing more. I needed to put my fears of inadequacy & failure aside because the life I want to live is one where my dreams are bigger than my fears.

So yes, I’m opening a new restaurant. Me and my creative are going on a road trip and all my scary harry fears are coming with us. Only this time, they’re not allowed to get in the drivers seat.

You see, I got to thinking… what if there was a way to fill a need, express my talents, and also maintain personal fulfillment and happiness? Maybe the way I wrote my story before doesn’t have to be the way I write it this time. Maybe, there is a way I can write my story where I don’t have to abandon parts of me in the process.

As a health coach I believe in the power of eating fresh, real, nutrient rich foods to optimize your health. As a restauranteur, I know these are not the types of foods that are available at most restaurants and as a single working mom, I know there is often not enough time in the day to cook these foods from scratch. The entrepreneur in me went to work and I’m happy to introduce One Life Daily Market, coming soon. A restaurant, market & meal subscription in one – crafted to support you in living your fullest life (watch all about it here).

We will be located at 1008 S. Orlando Ave. Winter Park & the projected opening is currently Spring 2023. However, meal subscription is now available! Healthy food, by us – for you, delivered directly to your door. Click, subscribe & leave the rest up to us. Eating well has never been this easy (or delicious)!

I’m so excited to be serving you again soon.

In gratitude,


For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like completely destruction.

-Cynthia Occelli


  1. Bravo Chelsie! Can’t wait to watch your new business unfold.

  2. You have an amazing talent and I love your heart to share it with others! You are doing wonderful things!

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Hi! You’ve met professional Chelsie. Now here’s the rest of me… I’m a chef, yogi, entrepreneur and single mom, cooking up a purpose driven life with an award-worthy 3 year old on my hip. I have two boxers who I love more than life (but still regularly tell to go play in traffic), a lover of vegetables, fitness fanatic, committed self-developer & amateur table dancer. Like most, I haven’t weathered this life without my fair share of challenges – all of which have taught me that life can be both excruciating and exquisite within the exact same moment. I’m grateful you are here and look forward to connecting.

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