MeET Chelsie

Hi! You’ve met professional Chelsie. Now here’s the rest of me… I’m a chef, yogi, entrepreneur and single mom, cooking up a purpose driven life with an award-worthy 3 year old on my hip. I have two boxers who I love more than life (but still regularly tell to go play in traffic), a lover of vegetables, fitness fanatic, committed self-developer & amateur table dancer. Like most, I haven’t weathered this life without my fair share of challenges – all of which have taught me that life can be both excruciating and exquisite within the exact same moment. I’m grateful you are here and look forward to connecting.

Mom hacks, nutrition tips, cooking techniques and valuable insight to the secret sauce that holds together this crazy, beautiful life.


    A little over two years ago I made the excruciating...

What to stock your pantry with to put a meal on your table in under 10 minutes to secrets from my award-winning restaurants, and everything in-between… because cooking is my love language.

  • Heartcakes

    A fan-favorite over the years that will be served at...

    A little over two years ago I made the excruciating...
  • Morning Muesli

    Hi! I'm so glad you found your way to my...

The hard & the soft, the up & the down, the left & the right, the grit & the grace.