“I truly believe movement is medicine. When we're challenging ourselves physically, we unlock a power to make us come alive in all areas of our lives. Grit is a muscle and we must train it.”

I walked into my first yoga class 50+ pounds overweight, not able to touch my toes, and completely uncomfortable in my own skin. 1.5 hours later of getting my ass handed to me, soul moving music, and space to sit with my discomfort amongst a puddle of sweat and pile up tears I walked out not quite knowing what just happened but feeling more alive than I could remember. I had a deep knowing that whatever that was, keep going. That was the thing that would do more than save my life. That was the think that it would make me come alive.

Everything we experience is mapped physically & energetically into our bodies. Practicing yoga creates the opportunity to hold space so we’re able to learn from our experiences and grow from them

In my 15+ years practicing, I’ve served as both a lululemon athletica and Kira Grace ambassador. I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching in private, group & workshop settings and presenting at global conferences, including Wanderlust Festival in Austin, TX. I’ve had the opportunity to study under many influential teachers, including Tymi Howard, Bryan Kest, Steve Ross, Dana Flynn, Krista Cahill, Rusty Wells, Desiree Rumbaugh, Tiffany Cruishank, David Reglin, Dharma Mittra & Alexis Martin – all who influence and inform how I live my life daily.


Chelsie is best known as a teacher for her non-dogmatic, playful & highly physical class – set to music that is often played loudly. Challenging on purpose because it is in the face of confrontation that we’re afforded the opportunity to push past our own limitations. Sophisticated & informed, rooted in the philosophies of sacred geometry and laced into a big bundle of fun which allows the vibration of music and movement to move us into our higher capabilities.